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Information Search - Business Registration

We may perform the information search of a corporation/ person in the records of the Business Registers in Hong Kong. As the records may shows duplicate names for reasons that it is unincorporated companies, which names are used without restrictions, or that there are branches or different locations for one business or limited company.

In order to avoid wrong search, client is advised to provide both name of the company and its address to have exact search.

Fee Schedule (Business Registration Search - Hong Kong) :

Types of Services
Search - Business Register (CURRENT Info. Extracts) - per name
1 d
Search - Business Register (Certified HISTORIAL info) - per name
4-6 d
Courier of above report (or certified) - per name
1 d

d : denotes number of working days (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) of Hong Kong and respective jurisdiction(s). Order is cut-off at 9:30 am and 14:15 [Hong Kong Time, International time +8 Hours] during Hong Kong Office Hours daily. Results will be sent dependent on the processing time of services. (e.g. Client choosing express order and places order before 9:30 am (HK Time), the results will be sent about 15:00 pm [10:00 am next day] (HK Time) if choosing Express Order with 0.5 d processing time [Normal Order with 1 day processing time]).


Fees are charged if there is no record of the person(s) being searched and no information can be provided per our report for reasons that the name provided by client for performing the search is not existed or not registered in Hong Kong.

Limitation of Search
The database records are removed for businesses ceased to be carried for 10 years or more OR are not yet updated for new businesses for which the registration process has not yet been fully completed.

The information is provided "as is" or "as available" basis. Government offices, or the intermediary providing the information, make no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the operation of the database, or the information, contents, materials, or products included in the database/information. Our Group is NOT responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information.

Add Shopping Cart (Search - Business Registration Record - Hong Kong) :

Types of Services

Fee of Services

Search services fee (Current Extract)
(1 d)
Search & Certified (Historical Full Info)
- includes search services
(4-6 d)
Courier (Report/Certified)
(+1 d )

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